The garden was originally a a small plot of land left empty between the Neurosurgery wards and offices.  Donated funds enabled the plot to be filled with flowers, a tree and a pond; unfortunately over time the garden became neglected.
In 2018 a Neurosurgery nurse won a Dobbie's Garden Centre National competition to improve a community area, volunteer medical staff then removed tons of waste and started planting.
Headway and the Manchester Bee artist donated murials to brighten the brick walls, B K Hero's and a previous patient made and donated garden benches and SDNF donated a sum of money to buy more flowers and bushes.
Being outside is a huge benefit to patients who may become agitated while staying on the ward for some time, and those using a wheelchair have the freedom to jgo outside by themselves.  It is also possible for patients and relatives to find some peace after receiving bad news, and staff can enjoy a break between shifts.
Christmas in the garden was magical with fairy lights, tree and a even a Christmas Fayre to raise more funds.  It is hoped to hold various fundraising activities to help maintain the garden along with a building application to widen the access door to enable patients in beds to access the fresh air.